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Fernie in The Elk Valley

Hello and welcome to!

This website features navigation unlike most websites, this page is set up to help you learn how to navigate.'s unique navigation is simple! (Once you get the hang of it!) We hope you have fun browsing our website, and our city! We are using a visually-oriented map-based navigation so you can see where everything in Fernie actually is, geographically speaking.

1) Our pages are made of maps like the one on the right. Most links inside the maps have blue icons. Roll your mouse over the blue icons and a selection menu appears!

2) Once a selection menu appears, use your mouse and roll over the options. Some selection menus are different than others, but don't let that confuse you! Any clickable links will have a blue icon to the left of some text describing the link.

3) Click on any link in the selection menu to be taken to the link destination. Types of links include:

  • Links to virtual tours
  • Links to websites
  • Links to other maps on
  • Links to pictures and videos
  • Links to webcams

4) Try it! Use the map "Example Map" to the right to get started navigating. Roll your mouse over the text that says "First Link". Then try the second, many selection menus look different from one another.

5) Some selection menus do not have links! They simply provide a good space to provide you with text in an interactive, map-based manner. A good example of selection menus like this is the Island Lake Lodge map ,where you also need to roll your mouse over the trails and trailnames, there are no blue icons.

First Link First Link First Link

A virtual tour is a 360° visual tour. It gives you the ability to view a location in 360°, like you are standing in place and spinning around to change your viewpoint. This technology requires that you have the Quicktime Player installed properly. Click here to download! It also requires your interaction, once the Virtual Tour loads, you click inside the picture and drag your mouse to the left or right to 'spin' the picture!

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